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The basis for masterly frying has to be without doubt selecting the right frying pan. Optimal heat distribution, material and coating are what decides whether meat or fish successfully become crispy and juicy, vegetables crunchy and yet at the same time tender, or whether seductive roasted aromas can develop. We have a proverbially colourful selection of gaily coloured, handy, durable and especially coated frying pans for exacting standards and perfect results. Each one will fire up your pleasure at frying anew.

Good cooks and experienced grandmothers will confirm it: the secret of butter-soft and really tasty meat dishes and stews lies quietly gleaming in a good roasting pot. Our classics in cast iron are heirlooms of good taste. They have substantial advantages and can equally well be placed proudly on the table for serving.

Asia and Europe are moving closer and closer together from a culinary point of view. The frying and cooking technique in the wok is eminently suitable and indispensable for the typical short stir-frying on a very high heat. With our beautifully designed woks, vegetables, fish and meat are prepared healthily and, at the same time, gently. Discover these high quality products and creative applications.