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Cutting utensils


Cutting is supposed to give you a special anticipatory thrill ahead of cooking and to proceed as gently and safely as possible from your hand. No question: knives are needed for this that are sharp and also remain sharp for a long time! With our variety of knives every individual work step turns into a good cut. There is hardly any task for which we do not have the right knife.

COLORI® knives bring colour and pleasure into the kitchen everyday. The large selection wins you over with supersharp stainless steel blades, ergonomic handles, bright colours and witty design prints, anti-stick coating and practical blade protection. Almost a pity that trimming is done so quickly with them.

Our speciality knives are being continually awarded design prizes. Quite rightly. They are unbeatable in their handiness and functionality. And the attractive design for efficient working makes it a real pleasure: from the special fruit knives, via the innovative bread and serving knives right through to the ingenious herb chopper and all-purpose knives.

So that your pleasure in your knives is not blunted, we provide the corresponding accessories: suitable, easy-to-use knife-sharperners and knife-preserving cutting boards in synthetic material or bamboo.