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Nearly everyone knows the advertising slogan «Who invented it? » It comes as no surprise that the answer is to be found in Switzerland. Heinrich Kuhn, the founder of Kuhn Rikon, and his son Jacques were also passionate inventors as well. Their pioneering spirit produced the DUROMATIC® amongst other items, the first pressure cooker worldwide with a spring valve, «made in Switzerland» from Rikon.

Today our family firm is active worldwide and has a steadily growing number of employees. We do not only invest in the new and further development of our products and manufacturing techniques, but also in our production site at the company headquarters in Rikon. 

In order to keep up with the increasing demand, to remain competitive globally and to be able to offer a broad product palette, part of our range is manufactured in the EU and the Far East. One thing however always remains unchanged independently of the origin of our products: the Kuhn Rikon quality requirement. We work together with reliable partners, who meet the strict standards of our Swiss product managers, designers and engineers.

It goes without saying that we check every product – irrespective of where it is made – in our laboratory in Rikon or with external partners (e.g. TÜV, SQTS) rigorously. It is also important to us that the origin of our products is immediately identifiable for everyone. From the presentation on our website, via the communication on the packaging through to the marketing of our products we follow a strict guideline.

Our «Kuhn Rikon Switzerland» logo is to be found on all the products manufactured in Switzerland. All other articles bear our «Swiss Design» label.

This clear logo usage and practice is consistently followed through not only on our packaging but also in our channels of communication. You can see the precise key to how this is done below the map on the left.

But no matter which of our products you decide on: you will always be getting a product with the typical Kuhn Rikon script and the know-how of our design and engineer team.


Placed on products designed/developed and manufactured in Switzerland as well as on their packaging.

Exclusively designates products manufactured in Switzerland.


Placed on products designed/developed in Switzerland and manufactured abroad as well as on their packaging.

Designates products designed/developed in Switzerland and manufactured abroad.