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We take an intergenerational approach to ensuring fair working conditions


We want people to enjoy working with and for Kuhn Rikon. This principle is anchored in our sustainability strategy.


Not only do we focus on physical health aspects, for example by designing ergonomic workplaces, but we also seek to promote good mental health by conducting regular surveys on employee stress levels.  

In 2009, we were the first employer in the canton of Zurich to be awarded the “Friendly Workspace” quality label, which is reviewed and renewed regularly to ensure Kuhn Rikon systematically implements its CHM (corporate health management) strategies.  


We care about our employees, and want them to enjoy good health. That’s why we’ve established a corporate health committee named vital@kuhnrikon. This committee has developed an extensive programme of activities and schemes to help our employees stay happy and healthy. For example, we’ve initiated “fruit weeks” with fruits of the respective season, and we offer workplace massages on a regular basis. We also issue free passes for the local swimming pool and organise walks, cycle tours and other sport activities.


In January 2022 we became members, via amfori, of the BSCI - Business Social Compliance Initiative. Amongst other things, the BSCI audits our suppliers to check that their local working conditions and social policies are up to standard. The audit also identifies potential for improvement. We communicate regularly with our partners to discuss the findings of these audits, and base decision-making processes in our procurement strategy on the results.

Assessment criteria

  • Social management system
  • Employee involvement and protection
  • The right to unionise and negotiate collectively
  • No discrimination
  • Fair wages
  • Respectable working hours
  • Workplace health and safety
  • No child labour
  • Special protection for young employees
  • Adequate workplace safety
  • No forced labour
  • Environmental protection
  • Ethical business conduct