Our kitchen miracle DUROMATIC® turns seventy. In 1949, Jacques Kuhn succeeded in developing an extremely safe, fast and energy-saving pressure cooker. And the benefits of his cooking method remain unrivaled to the present day – even by newly developed products such as steamers. Food is cooked considerably faster, more vitamins are preserved, and the food is not watered down.

Around 12 million classic DUROMATIC® pans have been sold around the world to-date. And because it’s virtually indestructible, and replacement parts are still readily available, one can assume that most of these are still in use to this day. Pressure cooker number 293 was in use until very recently. Following a house clearance, it was returned to the production site in Rikon – where it now takes pride of place in the Kuhn Rikon Museum. Groups are welcome to visit the museum free of charge by prior arrangement.

Resolving the paradox

The Kuhn Rikon valve does far more than merely resolve the conflict between cooking under pressure and cooking safely. As soon as the water inside the pan comes to the boil, the valve allows oxygen to escape with a quiet hiss – locking flavors, nutrients, and pigments into the food. With only a small amount of water required for the cooking process, the vitamins and minerals in the food are preserved and the food retains its original color and flavor. In addition, reducing cooking times by a third cuts the energy costs for conventional cooking methods by up to 70%.

At the same time, the Duromatic valve is the first to clearly display the level of pressure. Two markers on the spring valve indicate the level of pressure and the temperature inside the pan. Thanks to the integrated safety features, it’s impossible for too much pressure to build up inside the pan – and the hissing, whistling noise made by the valve is proof that it is absolutely safe.


With his combination of spring valve and bayonet locking device, Jacques Kuhn develops a revolutionary innovation. In Switzerland, the DUROMATIC® quickly becomes a bestseller – and the brand is soon used as a generic term for pressure cookers.


Word is out on the advantages – reducing cooking times by a third cuts energy costs by up to 70%. The DUROMATIC® becomes a necessary addition to every trousseau; no household is complete without it.


The DUROMATIC® gains popularity in other countries. Safe, fast and easy to use, and with a reputation for “Made in Switzerland” quality, the brand establishes itself internationally.


 Kuhn Rikon continues to perfect the user-friendly features of the DUROMATIC®. Cooking times are now engraved on the lid, and the company applies for a patent for a new device which protects cooks against hot steam emissions.


The DUROMATIC® can now be found in nearly every kitchen in Switzerland. In honor of its sixtieth anniversary, Kuhn Rikon launches a limited anniversary edition featuring a red lid; only 2009 pieces are produced.


The latest DUROMATIC® not only communicates with us via an app, suggesting menus and telling us what to do, but also interacts with specially equipped stovetops to control the entire cooking process.